Grow your business! Fish where the fish are on Social Media.

Are you fishing where the fish are with your Social Media engagement?

Are you more invested in your competition and colleague’s tweets than your customers?

The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time. – Henry Ford

Am I making my point yet? Yes, it’s nice to be validated by your peers… I see it all the time on Tweetchats. Colleagues posting more pats on the back to each other instead of info to grow. The intent is to learn from each other, but if you look at a chat transcript, out of an hour’s worth of chatting you might find one or two morsels of information that help you move forward and the rest if often a lot of cross-complimenting.

And you’ll see colleagues spending time chatting with each other in social media streams more than you see them chatting with the public, i.e., potential customers! Kind of like hanging out at seminars and conventions all the time. You learn how to improve your business a bit, but you haven’t connected with any potential customers…

But it’s fun!…?

Yes, hanging out in industry chats help validate your business practices, and it feels so good to know you are doing some of the right things… but don’t make that a priority. You have a limited amount of time to keep growing your business outside of running it. Shouldn’t you rather be the one on the contributing end for your prospects rather the receiving end? Wouldn’t you like to be making prospect connections? Attracting new customers? Becoming known as an expert in your field among consumers instead of just peers?

Look at me! RT me!

I do love tweetchats, really. it’s just that I started noticing that when I go to those that are for my industry, there is an awful lot of “look at me” and “RTs” going on and less of thoughtful contributions that will help me grow my business.

And the same goes for some LinkedIn groups. Too many sales and service pitches disguised as “discussion questions.” Look for the ones that are truly trying to serve the topic of discussion. AND can help you show your expertise.

What are you in business for? Pats on the back or making money doing what you love?

So… search for chats that are primarily business owners and organizers looking for answers in your industry. Answer their questions instead of looking for like-minded followers – a far better use of your hour. You’ll have an organic growth of followers who need your service!

No this is not an ego thing. Help those who really need it instead of spending time with those who know what you know?

That’s fishing where the fish are.

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