Feeling left behind in social media know how?

Feeling left behind in social media know how?

Feeling left behind in social media know how?

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If you still use the newspaper as your primary source marketing vehicle, then forget reading this post.

The events in the Middle East have given Social Media a new dimension and more credibility.

Social Media should really be renamed the new mass media. But, I am meeting more and more of you 40+ business people who are now worried about getting caught in the dust of those who are already social media and Smart-phone savvy. I meet you at every networking luncheon and at your place of businesses when I am shopping and chat with you.

Are you a victim of past success?

What I am hearing from you most often:

  1. I used to have staff that handled all the work on the computer, but I had to cut back and now have to learn to do it myself.
  2. I don’t even know how to add an attachment to my email and young people are too condescending when I ask for help.
  3. Customer support reps assume I have a higher level of computer knowledge when they answer my questions.
  4. I thought social media was a fad for college kids.

You should not only start paying attention to social media, but you must also participate to create loyalty with new and existing customers.

Educate yourself!

Sign up with enewsletters like Social Media Smartbrief http://www.smartbrief.com/socialmedia/ and websites like Mashable http://mashable.com/channel/channel-social-media/

Go to YouTube and search for how-to videos on using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Foursquare for a visual learning experience.

The bookstore also has social media books from social media gurus like Chris Brogan and others who don’t talk down to you. Buy only the latest published as social media is changing constantly.

Go for it! Take steps to learn and have fun making your business expertise public!

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