“Family” Dysfunction at Work can be Healthy for Small Business!

I watched Julie & Julia on Netflix last night and there’s a scene when Julia and her sister get together after not having seen each other for years. They instantly fell into nutty sibling behavior forgetting anyone else’s presence.  Julia Child was herself at all times under some very intimidating circumstances as well. How natural and real and a lesson for all of us.

Maybe that’s a vital factor in small business success – making your staff your “family” to subdue the stress of wearing the  many hats necessary to run your business. Let your hair down a little, in other words. Be a little silly or crazy and you’ll notice a difference right away.

Your natural behavior will allow your staff to let their hair down a little, too, and soon that will rub off on the customers. You’ll become known as a great place to do business because your environment  will feel natural and real… You’ll develop more loyal employees as well since they can begin to think of work as a second home.

A win-win all around, don’t you think?

We are Family! Enjoy this Sister Sledge video! 1979 – and unbelievably, the styles still look cool!