Facebook Tool Tip: Scheduling

Facebook Tool Tip: Scheduling

Facebook Tool Tip: Scheduling

One of the best reasons to schedule posts is to space them out.  And since one of the most common questions I hear from small business owners and non-profits is “How often should I post?” rather than give you my annoying and potentially evasive answer, “it depends,” I thought I’d show you how to schedule.

Let’s take an example. A particular non-profit I help has a lot to say on a regular basis. Their fans are willing followers and hungry for their posts. You might think it convenient (and potentially, but erroneously, you think it’s more efficient), to post all at once. Your thinking might be:

You: “Yup – that’ll get their attention. They can’t help but notice my posts if I send out a stream of them!”

BUZZER! Wrong answer.

If you were the only one posting, that might work. But once you start crowding the feed with your posts, you become a great candidate for being shut off (fans un-checking “Get Notifications”): see image.

Get Notifications Option on Facebook

Why would anyone uncheck the option to Get YOUR Notifications (how dare they!)? Because now you are DOMINATING their feed! How Social Media-ly rude!

How can you post more updates without crowding everyone else out of the feed? Scheduling. No you don’t HAVE to use Hootsuite, Sprout Social or any other management tool (although if you schedule a lot, it’d be a good idea).

Facebook added the scheduling tool a long time ago, but some of you (ok, really, a lot of you) page owners haven’t noticed.

Here’s how to schedule your post –

And in case, later you realize you screwed up, I’ve included how to go to the activity log to edit, reschedule or delete the scheduled post.

Facebook - How to schedule a post

And here’s how it looks in your Activity Log:

Facebook - How to edit a scheduled post

You’re welcome 🙂

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