Hashtags for Social Media

The Difference Hashtags Make and How

The Difference Hashtags Make and How

The Difference Hashtags Make and How

So, you’ve got your social media accounts, but are you utilizing hashtags ###?

Keywords are step 1 in search, but hashtags bump them up in social media search.

Example: A small business broadcasts the latest news in 3D Printing across their social media platforms.

A post of theirs could have been written like this: “From pills to bones: five ways 3D printing is changing medicine forever.

But instead they posted: “From #pills to #bones: five ways #3Dprinting is changing #medicine forever.” Each word with a # before it allows a particular post to appear in a search for that word (read keyword).

This works for all social media platforms.

While the 1st post example would have been informative, would it have drawn attention to their social media account beyond specific fans or followers? Probably not. By using hashtags, you draw followers from beyond your immediate sphere of influence and show up in search ahead of regular keyword search.

It’s simple. Just use a # before strategic keywords for your particular small business or niche and you will derive better results.

TWITTER – King of hashtag use and functionality…

If you haven’t noticed, Twitter is all over News, network TV series, etc., with screen banners informing you “join the conversation by using #___” No matter what the news, the topic, the conversation, you’ll find it immediately with the use of the designated hashtag.

When you join that hashtagged (is that a word?) conversation, you are plugged into that particular stream of conversation (thread) by using that designated #keyword. That hashtag enables you to weed out who is NOT talking about that topic and therefore stay exclusively within that specific conversation.

Twitter Trends designated with hashtagsTwitter has capitalized on hashtag use to invite more activity from its users. On your Twitter home page, you will always find “Trends” with a list of hashtag conversations that may include anything from “NationalDonutDay” to the latest celebrity gossip to world news. (see image left).

Image Twitter trends tailored for you optionNote the option to change the trends which will allow you to choose a location for trending items.

Following Twitter in hashtag use is Instagram.

All social media platforms allow for hashtag use and will extend your visibility or allow you to narrow search.

So, if you aren’t already using hashtags, consider some suggested uses:

  • Are you having an event? # EventName
  • Are you featuring a vendor? #VendorName
  • Do you want to capture the attention of those in a particular city? #CityName
  • Are you wanting to show up in a trending conversation? #ValentinesDay

NOTE: When making a hashtag phrase, do not use spaces and capitalize the individual words for reading clarity. For example, #SocialMedia not #social media or #social-media.

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