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If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get Reviews

Reviews: Ask your customers and fans to help you grow your small business or non-profit. Yes, you have to ask. When customers or clients are happy with your business, they are happy to share that […]

Don't Fall for Facebook LIKE Scams

Don’t Fall for Facebook LIKE Scams

BAD NEWS! 3 BIG FLAGS that can alert you to Facebook Like Scams.

SMB Owners: Don't Get Bogged Down in Your Bookkeeping

SMB Owners: Don’t Get Bogged Down in Your Bookkeeping

My guess is you never gave a damn about bookkeeping, ordering, payroll, maintenance, or many of the duties that are so necessary to run a successful business. So why aren’t you …

Boomers, Don't Say You Can't Do Social Media...

Boomers, You Can Do Social Media!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, including Social Media, is as hard to master as MS-DOS was. . .

If You Can Sell, You Can Market.-

If You Can Sell, You Can Market.-

What does customer service have to do with marketing?

Just everything! Traditional marketing ads get your attention how?
They address a need.
They peak curiosity.
They elicit an emotional response.
So, what is marketing, really?

Facebook Tool Tip: Scheduling

One of the best reasons to schedule posts is to space them out. And since one of the most common questions I hear from small business owners and non-profits is “How often should I post?” Rather than give you my annoying and potentially evasive answer, “it depends,” I thought I’d show you how to schedule. . .

From Skadeedle [Infographic]: Email Marketing Etiquette Dos & Don’ts

Email Marketers! You can’t afford not to address each point on the infographic from Skadeedle below! Don’t risk an “Opt-out” or an unsubscribe because you overlooked what you might think of as a minor detail.