Can a Dress Code Enhance Sales?

Can a Dress Code Enhance Sales?

Can a Dress Code Enhance Sales?

Best Pants

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“Who cares what they wear if they can sell?”

Bull. If you don’t think having a dress code for your store matters, think again.

You might think it really doesn’t matter what your staff wears as long as they can sell, but dress code can really have the potential to make or break a sale.

No, I’m not a prude, I’m a realist.

  • If Mrs. Jones is sitting with Mr. Jones at the shoe store and Ms. Deep Cleavage is on a shoe stool bent over arms squeezed together to put shoes on Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones is not going to be happy when hubby starts getting positively giddy with the service! My bet is Mrs. Jones will think of an excuse to leave quickly!
  • If “Ms. Whale Tail” or “Ms. Muffin Top” is reaching up to put stock on a higher shelf, that ain’t pretty or professional!
  • If “Mr. My Pants Crotch Has To Be All The Way To My Knees” is working today, his customers will have to slow down as they follow his waddle all the way down the aisle and they’ll get to read the designer name on his underwear band from behind.
  • If a customer’s favorite restaurant owner decides it’s cool to go grunge look with his servers, might they wonder how many times a server can get away with wearing those jeans without washing them and still serve food?
  • If the doctor’s office decides to permit fake colored fingernails on the nurses and lab techs, how can they tell the procedure is sterile if they can’t tell if the fingernails are clean?

Why did I come here?

  • What tone do you want set in your business?
  • What impression do you want the customers to have?

Customers don’t want to be distracted by navel piercings, nose rings, tattoos, and all the rest.  This is a business and they are here to do business. All those dressing quirks  are ways for the individual to say “look at me and see who I am.” The focus must be on the customer, not the salesperson.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

They can do whatever they want with those individualized fashions OUTSIDE the store or business.

  • Don’t you want your customer focusing on product instead of trying to figure out that tattoo?
  • Don’t you want your staff to be focused on their work instead of their individuality?
  • Do you want customers Tweeting about tattoos or worse yet, taking pictures and posting on Facebook? (Think People of or Freak Jet)

It is your business and when you are paying staff to work on your floor, they need to follow your guidelines. Don’t be afraid to detail what is and isn’t acceptable dress on your sales or business floor.

And if they show up to an interview with sunglasses on their head, flip flops, and a cup of coffee in hand… that’s a major clue as to their attitude about the job you offer.

Think about it.

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