Note to Millennials: Senior Computer Ineptitude Does Not Imply Stupidity

JFK Quote Man is still the most...

Tech columnist #DavidPogue has a TED talk video* on Technology tips discussing how there’s “no standard syllabus, no basic course” for the use of a computer. There are many successful 50+ small business owners who don’t know a URL from an RT. It doesn’t matter. It turns out, those who endured the infancy of computers […]

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What Difference Can a Hashtag (#) Make and How

Hashtags for Social Media

So, you’ve got your social media accounts, but have you ever used a hashtag? A small business called Supplies3D, broadcasts the latest news in 3D Printing across their social media platforms. Most would just post a link as: “From pills to bones: five ways 3D printing is changing medicine forever.” Yes, this would have been […]

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If You Don’t Ask, You Won’t Get Reviews

Google Review Screenshot

Ask your customers to help you grow your business. Yes, you have to ask for reviews. When customers or clients are happy with your business, they are happy to give a positive review. BUT – people are busy and have to be asked and reminded. Consider holding a meeting with your staff (or yourself!) to discuss how to […]

Hyperlinks: Golden Avenues to Your Online Destinations

Hyperlinked vs. Unlinked

Consider how often YOU click on a link or an image while viewing content online. If you are publishing content without connecting to your online presences, you aren’t taking advantage of connecting your leads with your brand. WHAT to hyperlink: YOUR LOGO and your COMPANY NAME should always link to your website or current landing page promotion […]

Brace Yourselves, the Holidays are Coming

IMAGE_Brace Yourselves

Fall and Winter Seasons bring Labor Day, Yom Kippur, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and more… so what? It’s not too soon to talk about the holidays and we’re talking about the power of Holidays as a BIG marketing plus for your small business growth. Rethink your holiday strategies Sometimes when I talk to new prospects […]

Why Your SMB Needs Social Media

Small Business Marketing Tips

To Tweet or Not to Tweet? Is that still the Question? If you are still not utilizing Social Media to grow your SMB, consider social media your avenue to the many prospects who either have never heard of you or have assumed you were just like every other SMB in your niche. Now consider that social media […]

Is Your Website More Like a Cobweb-Site?

SMB_IMAGE_Website n a yikes

When is the last time you visited your OWN website? It’s a little scary how often I review a prospect’s website and it could virtually have spider webs on it for its lack of maintenance… Consider your website as your online brick and mortar. If you walked into your business place tomorrow and noticed maintenance issues, you’d […]

Boomer SMB Owners…Are you The Flintstones or The Jetsons?

IMAGE_ Boomer SMB Owners…Are you The Flintstones or The Jetsons_

In my small business, I run across a lot of SMB boomers who simply aren’t, shall we say kindly, “tech-savvy”? As a mostly tech-savvy boomer myself, I want to sometimes scream: “What the heck is wrong with you, Wo/Man! We boomers spent our entire childhoods fantasizing about living like The Jetsons! And now you say […]

SPOTUS – the Retail World Was Ahead of the Ruling

SPOTUS - the Retail World Was Ahead of the Ruling

You may not know or care that my career began in retail. In light of this historic Supreme Court Decision for LGBT civil rights, I couldn’t help but recollect all the LGBT people I had the pleasure and privilege of working with in retail over the decades. I worked for Neiman Marcus in Atlanta in the early […]