SPOTUS Said Love Reigns – the Retail World Knew

Retail acceptance of LGBT

You may not know or care that my career began in retail. In light of this historic Supreme Court Decision for LGBT civil rights, I couldn’t help but recollect all the LGBT people I had the pleasure and privilege of working with in retail over the decades. I worked for Neiman Marcus in Atlanta in the early […]

Reading: I’m Doing it Wrong… Confessions of An Online Junkie.

Oscar Wilde Quote - Reading Quote

I’m learning how to read all over again.

Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but we online junkies need to rethink how to read online content…

Bad Emails Are Worse Than None At All

If you aren't emailing...

I run across some bad emails in my inbox, but I have to give people an A for effort, so I have avoided using SMB emails as examples of WHAT NOT TO DO. In this case, the example below was so bad it borders on the “I really don’t care” level, so I decided they wouldn’t really care if …

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A Cook is to Meals as a Salesperson is to Marketing

IMAGE_Sales and Marketing Meeting

When those in marketing create new campaigns, sales personnel are often excluded. The logic behind this silo-ed process is that sales is perceived as not understanding marketing and therefore it is prohibiitve to include the sales department. From my experience, marketing doesn’t often understand sales. If you are a small business owner, you should keep in mind that marketing efforts are […]

How to Acquire Real Fans for Your Social Media Marketing Spend

SMB_IMAGE_BLOG_I can sell you 10k followers of unknown ftrd image

If you don’t get at least 1 spam solicitation a week for purchased followers via your social media accounts or your email, consider yourself lucky. Scam artists are always looking for the inexperienced social media marketer to…

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