5 Keys to Posting for Better Engagement

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Good content is key to good engagement. Small business owners need to learn and use best practices to write results driven marketing and product copy (i.e., a big part of content marketing). Why? Because if you are hoping to get results from your social media and email marketing efforts, you are competing with an ever […]

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SMB Stories: Judy Bug’s Books

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Columbus, Georgia. Judy Bug’s Books. (First in SMB Stories series)   There is no conversational door he doesn’t enter. Ask him any question and before you utter your last word he is answering in full throttle.   We visited Judy Bug’s Books on a recent trip to Columbus, GA to get away for a day. […]

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Small Business Stories – An Introduction

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Small businesses begin with stories. Small Businesses root in an idea, an inspiration, an event, a need – which leads to a story.  This post is an introduction to a new direction of blog posting I’m calling SMB Stories. Stories of the passions driving everyday people to become small business owners. I want to tell small business […]

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3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Email Marketing

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For the best email marketing results, don’t sabotage your own efforts. All too often, I catch small business owners who simply aren’t aware of how they can be their own worst enemy in email marketing.  Everyone is short on time, but some of these errors are just too easy to correct with just a little […]

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Keys to Niche-Driven Small Business Marketing

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Ah, what a delight to visit an old fashioned town square! North Georgia has dozens of old town squares perfect for niche-driven businesses. Recently, my family and I had the itch to enjoy our local Roswell, GA historic district filled with popular eclectic shops and restaurants.  The spring pollen was low and weather forecast was […]

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Is Retail Brick and Mortar Doomed?

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The retail headlines are shouting… “Retail department stores are closing by the hundreds!” “Online shopping is doing record business!” “People are shifting their spending to travel, big ticket items, and dining out!” How can a small business thrive in this shift? Actually, small businesses are suited to do very well, thank you! Consider one of the […]

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