Are Your “Free” Services Putting You in the Red?

Free Isn't Always FreeA small business owner shared that her profits were shrinking because her customer service was too good! She confessed┬áher customers came to depend on her “free” services too much.

There is Free and then there is Free.

She often threw in small goods and services because the actual cost of the items was so low. What she hadn’t considered was the inherent value of her services and expertise required to provide said “Free” services.

I asked her these questions about offering so much for free:

  1. How much training and expertise do you have to determine what is best for your customer?
  2. Your advice and instruction are part of your stock in trade. If you freely give it, you are sending the message it isn’t worth much.
  3. Are you training your customers to expect more with each purchase?

She began to realize that all of her “free” help wasn’t really free and actually of great value and certainly worth charging for or at the very least, should be monitored for excess. If they purchase or are strongly considering purchasing, that is your qualifier for extra time spent that provides an ROI for you and your customer.

Take a look at what you “throw in” for free… Don’t devalue your services and your customers will value you even more.

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