Hania Sudymont Whitfield

Founder | CEO | Consultant, Coach, Speaker
SMB Smart Marketing, LLC
(founded as Whitfield Consulting)

Our mission: Everything we do is toward enhancing the uniquely remarkable aspects of your small business. We help you market the essence of what you do with the most relevant tools for your business.

“Not sure whether “Bravery” and “Cut through the chase” are professional skills, but whenever they make it to the game of self-promotion, you’d have my endorsement on those as well.  ;)” –A.J.

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Hania has a B.A. in psychology, extensive and comprehensive retail experience, and marketing expertise. As a boomer, she has seen the ups and downs of technology for small businesses, especially in regard to social media marketing. By keeping up to date with the latest in online marketing trends and technology, her consultancy can focus on helping small business owners not only setup and enhance their online presence, but to also understand the WHY of successful social media to help them grow their small business.  

As a veteran of all facets of specialty and franchise retail businesses resulting from a strong career in sales, high-end customer service, management, and merchandising from independent and specialty retail management and corporate positions, Hania’s skill set as a small business generalist is broad. Her resume includes larger companies like Neiman Marcus and Marshalls, but her heart belongs to niche retailers – both independent and franchised.

Best known for her troubleshooting, training, and coaching skills, Hania’s independent consultancy was a natural next step as many small business owners simply don’t always know where to focus for growth.

SMB Smart Marketing began as Whitfield Consulting after a corporate downsizing layoff. Consulting while searching for a new position, it became evident her own business was the way to go! As there are so many small business owners, many with less than 5-10 employees, that need marketing assistance every bit as much as larger small businesses, Hania’s expertise in assessment of needs, customer service, retail operations, and franchise marketing, led the way to assisting (very) small businesses via marketing setup and coaching. Therefore, establishing a permanent consultancy, SMB Smart Marketing, LLC, was necessary, and therefore, established.

Hania Whitfield grew up in Tampa, Florida, born in Louisiana, and has also briefly lived in Nebraska, Colorado, and New York, lastly moving to Atlanta in 1984 to present. She is married to a real estate broker with a terrific teenage son, and pet Scooby, precocious terrier and office mascot. During downtime, when Hania is not reading about business and marketing, she enjoys the outdoors, movies, reading, tv, and music. She is thankful for the internet and all the opportunities it has provided her in her business as her clients are from all over the U.S.A. She is thankful for all the support from family, friends, and colleagues.


Social Media Marketing Advisor for the Atlanta Area Council Boy Scouts of America
Executive Board Member of Friends of Mabry Park, Inc.
Loch Highland Subdivision committees

Giving back is not just a call to duty for SMB Smart Marketing. Hania enjoys serving in the community.  Consulting and Coaching in these community efforts also provides a unique way of staying in touch with the needs of other small business and non-profits.

Friends of Mabry Park, Inc.

“Hania has proven to be a real asset for the Friends of Mabry Park.  She really opened up my eyes as well as those of the other Executive Board members to the value of Social Marketing in our ever-changing modern world. Her work in social media on behalf of our cause has significantly increased the local community’s awareness of our organization. I have no doubt that she would bring expertise and wisdom in Social Marketing, not to mention unbridled enthusiasm to any organization or person savvy enough to utilize her talents.”  Lee Berg, Software Engineer at AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation and Former President of Friends of Mabry Park, Inc.

Boy Scouts of America, Atlanta Area Council

“Hania has been kind enough to volunteer her expertise to the Boy Scouts working with us on strategic planning, website design, and social media. She truly is an expert in the marketing and communications fields. She listens thoughtfully, discerns priorities carefully and then expertly applies the right strategies to surpass expectations and goals. She is a natural coach, having a way about her that helps you easily understand the complicated world of social media and how to best utilize it to drive results. Hania exudes a passion for life and her work and she is a pleasure to work with!”  Jenna Knight, Director of Marketing and Communications at Atlanta Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

Hania is working on her first book for small business marketing – TBA

Nationwide Consultant, Coach, Speaker, and Blogger for Small Business Marketing since 2010, based in Metro Atlanta, GA

SMB Smart Marketing, LLC  *(formerly Whitfield Consulting)
Marketing Exclusively for Small Business Owners since 2010
Metro Atlanta, GA USA  404-295-7755 or Email


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