7 Reasons Small Business Should Be Thankful for Social Media

7 Reasons Small Business Should Be Thankful for Social Media

7 Reasons Small Business Should Be Thankful for Social Media

You have to acknowledge the impact Social Media had for the downtrodden citizens of tyrannical leaders – are you even beginning to realize the potential impact it has for your small business?When have small businesses ever had so much opportunity to publicize their brand on a small business budget with big business results except through Social Media?

Social Media vs Traditional Marketing

Have we all forgotten how hard traditional marketing really was? Weeks, even months, designing ads and creating copy to craft maybe 1-5 different ads to test in  various media outlets – many in which we were dependent on whether it was a good news day or not as to circulation results and reader response. Not to mention the prohibitive costs of prime placement!

Here are just 7 ways Social Media has trumped Traditional Marketing for small business (and there are many more):

  1. Where else have you had the latitude to test strategies with real-time results?
  2. Where else have you been able to determine the results of a coupon offer within hours of publishing?
  3. Where else have you been able to learn of and respond directly to your customers’ wants and needs?
  4. Where else have you been given the power to develop a following that tracks your in-store happenings on a regular basis?
  5. Where else have you been able to boost your internet visibility just by providing social media content on a regular basis – without any technical web expertise, yet!
  6. Most importantly, where else have you been able to play on the same level playing field as the Big Guys – the department chains, the mega volume stores, etc.?
  7. And as a result, where else have you actually had the advantage over the Big Guys in regard to your ability to be one-on-one with your customers?

Where else, indeed, but Social Media.

And if you aren’t taking advantage of all these possibilities, then it’s very likely you won’t be giving thanks like those who are..

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