5 ways to Raise Your Email Open-Rate

5 ways to Raise Your Email Open-Rate

5 ways to Raise Your Email Open-Rate

Customer Profile Dimensions

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When creating content for your newsletters, remember that there are common emotional needs in all of us and that especially applies to your customers if you want to build loyalty.

1. Love me

Show your customers your love. Yes, I said love. Tell me you don’t love seeing them walk back in the door for repeat business!? Well, share that feeling with them. Let them know you appreciate their returning business. Express your thanks in every newsletter you email – and be sincere, change it up each time or it will seem canned.

2. Nurture me

They bought your product. Now educate them on how to get the most from their investment. Think of the first time you put your hands on it. What did you need to learn about it? What were your questions? What were the features that compelled you to stock it for your customers? Educate your customer on the  value of the product they purchased.

3. Feed me

People are busy. Far busier today than ever. Spoon feed them the information they need to make wise buying decisions. Too many retailers assume that because consumers are more educated and internet savvy that they are spending hours researching before buying. Maybe they are on some purchases, but not all. And even if they have researched, you should be ready to answer all of their questions about their needs. Listen to your customers’ questions and answer them in your communications.

4. Relax me

Put them at ease about their purchases. Add relevant alternate uses for your products. Give them a reason to feel good about shopping with you. People want to feel good about their purchases, not stressed about having spent the money. Get their mind off the money they spent, and reinforce the value the product brings to their lives.

5. Guide me

Now that they have a comfort level with their purchase, don’t forget to give them information about accessory items that can enhance usage. Guide your customers down the right path for  add-on purchases. If you educate them enough on how accessory items will add more value to their original purchase, they will see you as their go-to source for their purchasing needs.

80% educational info, 20% promotional

Add these 5 elements to every newsletter along with your promotional announcements and they will get opened and read. The 80/20 rule is easy to follow when you use this guideline.

Now go put out a great e-newsletter!

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