3 Ways to Shine on Twitter :-)

3 Ways to Shine on Twitter :-)

3 Ways to Shine on Twitter :-)

I’m @bizcommunicator on Twitter and I’ve been thinking a lot about tweets. It’s amazing how altruistic tweeters are. I truly don’t think twitter would be so successful if people were solely mercenary.

I like the personal touch and do all my own tweets and replies.  I have to admit that now that I have over 400 followers, I am having a hard time keeping up with thanking all of them for following me, but I try because I really like taking the time to look at their pages to see what they are about and RT a tweet of theirs.

Thought I’d share a little of my own observations as to what seems to make people get more followers on Twitter (organically – not through software).


Be genuine. Remember people can see right through self promotion. Yes, you want to show that you know your stuff, but do it by helping, sharing your knowledge, answering questions, and being all about them in your tweets.

I heard a Constant Contact webinar discuss how a good ration is 5:1. Five tweets that help others to 1 tweet promoting your business. When you think about it, if you are helping others with your experience and knowledge, you ARE promoting yourself and your credibility.

Visit those you follow frequently and ask them questions. Remember, you probably chose to follow them because they can help YOU in some way. So, there’s a lot of really valuable stuff on their pages! Learn from them, and RT, too!

@@@@@ a lot! Talk to your followers. And do it publicly. Nobody sees a DM but your sendee. If your message to a tweeter can benefit others, send it as an @ not a DM and everyone benefits. It also shows that you care about helping others and are a real person.

Enjoy Twitter. Don’t treat it like a job because that will show through to your followers.  I don’t know about you, but I’m having a ball with it! If you wouldn’t enjoy your own tweets, why would anyone else?

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