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3 Small Business Social Media Best Practices

3 Small Business Social Media Best Practices

3 Small Business Social Media Best Practices

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It astounds me how many small businesses I patronize…

  • do not request I follow their social media account,
  • do not request my email address for newsletters,
  • and do not request a review when I mention I was pleased with service or product.

Why? Because those owners have not trained staff to do so and they don’t model that behavior themselves. They have yet to recognize the potential for repeat/referral business with social media usage.

The basic difference in success in small business (or any business) is customer service training. Always has been, always will be. But if you aren’t incorporating social media into that training, repeat/referral business is walking out the door.

Even if you are consistently providing excellent customer service, if you don’t incorporate your online presence into your exchanges with customers, you are losing repeat sales.

Once that customer walks out the door, you have the opportunity to stay front of mind via social media and email marketing. You worked hard for that successful sale, so why leave all that effort at the door?

Change your sales routine today with the following 3 simple techniques.

  1. Train your staff to promote your social media platform and newsletters as part of the sales close.
  2. Hold role playing scenarios for requesting testimonials/reviews.
  3. Incorporate social media calls-to-action in all of your in-store signage and advertising

Yes, it is that simple. Just do it.

[Hania Whitfield, marketing consultant for small businesses. Connect with me on LinkedIn, find me @bizcommunicator on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook]

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