Are You Talking Your Customers Out of the Sale?

My Dog “Bennie”

Saw a tweet from @PaulTTran about how dogs make great salespeople.

Selling should be instinctual and so many of us are simply ignoring these natural cues. I train retail salespeople¬† and always tell them the biggest mistake is talking the customer OUT of the sale. Yes, that’s right. Salespeople often talk their customers right out of a sale by not giving the customer the chance to reveal their needs and wants. Talk, talk, talk, bark, bark, bark!

Don’t forget to LISTEN to the customer. Shut Up so you can hear what your customer wants! Use your instincts to read their body language, pick up on their casual mentions of their lifestyle needs, and more… You’d be surprised how often you might be addressing the wrong selling points because you didn’t pay attention and listen to your instincts when your customer was telling you with their words and body language why they want to buy.

Haven’t you ever walked away from a salesperson because you could tell they weren’t listening to you?