14 Signs You Might be a Small Business Owner

14 Signs You Might be a Small Business Owner

Small Business Owner overworkingYou might be a small business owner if*:

  1. you’re on a first name basis with the drive-thru coffee shop baristas.
  2. your inbox has 100+ unopened emails, and over 10,000 undeleted.
  3. out-of-town vacations include a trade show
  4. stay-at home vacations involve organizing files, deleting emails, re-habbing your website and re-merchandising your store.
  5. if you’re on ET, you get irked mornings when you want to call a west coast vendor and you get irked evenings when a west coast vendor calls you (just swap irks if you are on PT).
  6. Super Bowl Sunday is your annual visit with friends and family and you watched the World Cup from your office (only because the U.S. might win).
  7. you’ve never met the businesses more than 1 storefront away from your location.
  8. you don’t want anything to do with social media.
  9. your home office extends into the living and/or dining room.
  10. family visits occur at your place of business.
  11. your friends and relatives don’t want any more of your product for birthday and Christmas presents.
  12. bartering is your first choice of payment.
  13. you are never without a SmartPhone or tablet, and…
  14. dressing up means a freshly cleaned and ironed, branded polo (your brand).

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*Credit and thanks to Jeff Foxworthy – “You Might Be a Redneck If”

“Miss ya, Jeff – take off that camouflage so we can see ya ;)” – Hania

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