#1 rule for retail success

#1 rule for retail success

#1 rule for retail success

Attentive salepeople are key to customer retention

The number one rule in real estate is Location, Location, Location!

In retail, the number one rule is Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service!

Recognize who butters your bread

Splash campaigns, discount driven events, and other such tactics are great for driving new blood into your location, but they often exclude motivation for existing customers to return.

Your bread and butter customer is your best marketing tool. Reward these loyal repeat customers with birthday / anniversary rewards, holiday gift cards, and most important, personalized service. The more exclusive you make your existing customers feel, the more likely they are to spread the word about you to their friends – and that now includes their social networks.

Keep your finger on your customer’s pulse.

Do keyword searches in social network venues like Facebook and Twitter or you may miss a negative comment about your customer service. It’s so easy to return a timely twitter response to an unhappy customer’s tweet to ensure that the customer you have already invested in comes back.

So sure your existing customers are happy?

These 3 easy tactics can help you learn more about how to maximize the repeat business of your existing customers:

  1. Make an arrangement with fellow retailers and friends to secret shop each others stores occasionally. The value of the little customer service details that have been forgotten or ignored by you and your staff can’t be ignored.
  2. Spend more time on the floor connecting with your customers and observing your staff. You’ll learn valuable information about your customers, product, service, atmosphere, operations, logistics, and staff loyalty and satisfaction.
  3. Visit your competition and watch their customers in action. You’d be amazed at how much you learn about your customer by watching them in another environment besides your own.

Customer Service IS your marketing strategy and your repeat customer is your pot of gold. Treat them like royalty!

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